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The importance of rewarding employees

Well-being at work has become a major competitive challenge. If your employees feel good, they will be more productive and will be keen to contribute to the success of the company. Indeed, a happy employee at work will only have beneficial effects for the organization: reduction of turnover, improvement of efficiency, fluidity of processes, better execution and of course an increase in the number of new ideas. Provide visibility to your employee and recognize their efforts frequently to maintain their motivation at work and their sense of belonging to your organization. Rewarding employees is a sign of trust and esteem for the work done. There's a study from the Journal of Management Science, which showed that recognition dramatically increased performance, being 50% more productive.

Ideal Gift

However, it is not always easy to find a gift idea for employees. To help you find the perfect gift to please your staff, Jefferson's VTC Paris, Leaders in business travel, offers you one of the best experiences to offer to an employee as a reward is to have a Mercedes with private driver with many services offered on board to accompany him from his home to his office. This experience of a prestigious, high-end and comfortable service, you give your employees the opportunity to travel without leaving where they are. Jefferson's VTC Paris offers you tailor-made services by adapting to the needs and requirements of each client. Our vehicles with private VTC drivers are modern and the choice of materials chosen for its design are pleasant to the touch. In addition, the lighting is atmospheric, the control system is intuitive and the dashboard is ergonomic. Likewise, the seats are luxurious and the air conditioning is automatic. Your satisfaction being our only priority, Jefferson's VTC Paris offers you VIP transport to make your trip a pleasant moment of relaxation and serenity.

Recognition and rewards: key elements of engagement

Building an ingrained culture of recognition means understanding the true importance of rewards for employees – making employees feel special and valued because praise and gratitude are important components in the complexity of human motivation. This recognition serves to keep employees energized, focused on their work and motivated. Contact us and book your private VTC driver whether to go to Paris or to travel to the departments of Île-de-France from Orly or Roissy.

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